US combat Veteran Esteban Blis, speak with the Honorable Ken Salazar, US Ambassador to Mexico at the Memorial Day Ceremony in Mexico city in May 2023, both talked and the Ambassador  agree to give Veterans Blis support to assist US Veterans living in Mexico.

Retired Combat Veteran Esteban Blis travels to Mexico City to meet with the Honorable Robert Weisberg, Retired US Ambassador to the Republic of Congo. Ambassador Weisberg strongly supports SSG Blis in his advocacy efforts for all the U.S. Veterans living in Mexico.

US combat veteran and veterans Advocate travels to Washington DC to meet with the Leadership of DHA and Tricare to address issus of Retirees living overseas.

Don Cole, a US Army Veteran (1973-1977) and Candidate for the Republican party for GA 2nd District for Congress support the Initiative of Combat Veteran Esteban Blis regarding the VA coverage of covid-19 testing and treatment of the Veterans living in Latino America

Retired US Combat Veteran and Veterans Advocate , Esteban Blis, Meet with Olivier Arrindell, CEO of AVA Airways to establish a discount Program for US Veterans Living in the Dominican Republic and the Latino America Region.

US Combat Veteran and Avocate Esteban Blis meets 90 years old Veteran, SGT German Lopez, from Colombia, a US Marine Combat Veteran from the Korean War, He is one of the oldest Veterans living in the Latino America Region and the oldest US Marine Veteran in Colombia.

RIP General Raymond Odierno Chief Staff of the Army, a brother and a friend, I thank you for all your support.

Veteran Advocate and Combat veteran Esteban Blis travels to Guayaquil Ecuador to meet with Amazonas Bank CEO Jorge Munoz, to discuss banking and medical insurance for US Veterans living in Ecuador.

US Combat Veteran Esteban Blis, travels to Costa Rica to meet with Marlen Luna Alfaro, Deputy Minister of Government Police and Immigration to find the ways to improve the Immigration process for US Veterans in Costa Rica and worldwide overseas.