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Employment History

Program Manager (PM) | G4S Secure Solutions, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino County. G4S Security contract for the Los Angeles ICE Field office. 04/2021 – 05/2022
Oversight for the ICE Los Angeles District Transportation Contract. This contract included and was limited to the responsibility of supervising and managing over 70 contract security guards (former Law Enforcement Officers, Correctional Officers, and or Military Police Officers), training ICE Compliance and Standards training to newly hired G4S Security Officers, interviewing and hiring G4S Security Officers, and submitting weekly/monthly reports to ICE, Contract representatives, and company managers. 

Background Investigator | Los Angeles & Orange County, CA | 07/18 – 10/19
1Force Background Investigations Division, (a contractor for the National Background Investigation Bureau, Office of Personnel Management). 1FORCE Division is a subcontractor to Perspecta, formally known as Keypoint.  As a Background Investigator Contractor, my scope of employment includes subject interviews, source and reference interviews, law enforcement and employment records checks for Federal employees and Federal Contractors.  The information and fact gathering exists for the completion of the report of investigation for the determination of eligibility for federal employment.

Homeland Security 
U.S.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – Enforcement & Removal Operations (formally Immigration & Nationality Service, Department of Justice) – 11/1993 – 5/31/18

Assistant Field Office Director (AFOD) GS-14| Los Angeles, CA | 01/2011 – 5/31/18
Scope of Authority:  Managed various units within the nation’s third-largest field office, including 500+ government employees, contract staff of ~100, and 2,880 detention beds. 

Units supervised as an AFOD:
Los Angeles Staging Unit (Detention & Transportation), – Los Angeles Staging, Criminal Alien Program, and LACSD 287g Program.
As the AFOD managing these three programs, responsibilities included; seven, 1st line (GS13) supervisors to oversee the 100 officers & support staff, ~50 contract security officers, and ~20 medical personnel. The responsibility of these units is to work hand in hand in arresting, interviewing/processing, and transporting illegal aliens that come into Immigration Customs Enforcement custody.


Orange County Detained Program      
As the AFOD managing the listed facilities, responsibilities included:
– Santa Ana Jail (GSA Contract of 300-bed space) – One GS-13, 1st line supervisor, (6) Deportation Officers & support staff. 
–     Orange County Sheriff’s Department Jail – Theo Lacy, Musick, and Intake Release
      Center) – Two GS-13, 1st line supervisors, 13 Officers & support staff, 15 contract security officers, and an IGSA, contracted  919 bed space facilities.

Detention Management and Compliance Unit – Los Angeles Field Office (LAFO) housing coordinators; Juvenile (Detained) coordinator; Unaccompanied Children (UAC) Non-Detained Docket officers; LAFO, facilities compliance officers, and Intelligence operations supervisor.
As the AFOD managing these programs, responsibilities included; two, 1st line supervisors; twelve, officers; and two, Enforcement and Removal Assistants.  The responsibilities of these units are to manage housing availability between 4 facilities; coordinate housing for unaccompanied children (UAC), reunification of UACs entering the United States with family members in the United States; conduct site visits to housing facilities (contracted by ICE) to maintain accountability to ICE detention standards (compliance) at the four LAFO housing facilities. The Intel Unit gathers and reports intelligence information.

Addition significant duties – Los Angeles Field Office Military Liaison Coordinator and Operation Warfighter Liaison/Coordinator. 

Supervisory Detention and Deportation Officer (SDDO) GS-13 | Los Angeles, CA | 01/2006 – 01/2011

Units supervised as an SDDO:
Los Angeles Staging Unit (Detention and Transportation) –  9) 1st line supervisors (SDEO/SIEA), 3) 2nd line supervisors (DOS), 1) third line supervisor (Chief of Detention), 80) Immigration 
Enforcement Agents, 10) Deportation Officers – juvenile coordinators, lead firearms instructor, non-deadly force instructor, Joint Prisoners Air Transportation.

Charter Flights Officer-in-Charge(OIC)/Assistant OIC – Nationwide/International Repatriation Flights (Prisoner Transport Flights)
Los Angeles Non-Detained Unit
Alternative to detention/Order of Supervision Unit
Additional significant duties – Conducted Management inquiries.  Non-criminal investigations/Fact-finding cases referred from OIG, Office of Professional Responsibility regarding personnel misconduct allegations.

Deportation Officer (GS-5 through 12)| Los Angeles, CA | 02/1996 – 01/2006

Scope of Authority:  Managed immigration cases in various units within Immigration & Naturalization Service/Immigration Customs Enforcement.  Those units included:

Non-Detained Unit – case officer for ~ 8,000 non-custody immigration cases
Order of Supervision Unit – case officer for ~ 6,000 non-removable aliens
Fugitive Operations Unit – case officer for aliens who have been ordered removed from an Immigration Judge and have evaded arrest and removal from the United States
Detained Docket Officer – case officer for ~ 100 in custody illegal aliens
Additional significant duties – First Aid/CPR Instructor, Non-Deadly Force Instructor (Baton, pepper spray/OC spray)

Detention Enforcement Officer (GS 7)| San Pedro Detention Facility | 10/1993 – 2/1996 
Facility Control Room
Segregation Unit
Transportation; Local, Conus/International Escorted Flights 


Military Service

United States Marine Corps – Military Police Officer/Criminal Investigator (E-1 to E5 | 09/1981 – 04/1993

Military Police – Conducted many aspects of Military Police Duties including:
Gate Sentry/Dispatcher/Police Records Clerk/Police Records Supervisor/Patrol/Patrol Supervisor
Desk Sergeant/Watch Commander

Criminal Investigator – conducted Investigations on criminal cases including: 
Theft/burglary/assaults/aggravated assaults/sexual assaults/domestic violence/child abuse/and a controlled substance.  
Investigations required fact gathering, crime scene control & possible reconstruction, evidence gathering and preservation, interviewing and interrogations, and complete written reports of each individual case from initiation to completion. Case reports included; results of interviews, interrogations, and confessions, documentation of physical evidence and lab results, leads and avenues to the conclusion of the case, finally results of cases and prosecutorial results.

Platoon Sergeant/Field Criminal Investigator Persian Gulf War
As a Criminal Investigator in the Persian Gulf, I was assigned to a support unit with the Military Police as a Platoon Sergeant. In addition to the responsibilities and duties of a Criminal Investigator, I was charged with leading and supervising 50 – 60 Military Police. The mission of our Military Police unit was to provide security for an air facility and all personnel and equipment within the compound. As the Platoon Sergeant I saw that the 50 – 60 Military Police were properly equipped, properly posted, and accounted for 1 hour prior to and after a 12-hour shift. I supervised the maintenance of crew-serviced weapons as well as all individual weapons assigned to each individual. I maintained contact with each individual Military Policeman responsible for overseeing and monitoring their morale and well-being.

Duty Stations include: Camp Pendleton, CA; Cherry Point, NC; Okinawa, Japan, Tustin Air Base, Tustin, CA; Operation Desert Shield/Desert Strom.


Education and Training

Cerritos Community College, Norwalk, CA  United States
Some College Coursework Completed 08/1994
GPA: 3.75 of a maximum 4.0
Credits Earned: 3 Semester hours
Major: General
Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:
Criminal Investigations

Golden West College, Hunting Beach, CA  United States
Some College Coursework Completed 08/1993
GPA: 3.75 of a maximum 4.0
Credits Earned: 3 Semester hours
Major: General
Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:
Introduction to Criminal Justice

University of Maryland, Okinawa,  Japan
Some College Coursework Completed 12/1987
GPA: 3.25 of a maximum 4.0
Credits Earned: 3 Semester hours
Major: General
Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:
English Composition

National University, Vista, CA  United States
Some College Coursework Completed 09/1984
GPA: 3.75 of a maximum 4.0
Credits Earned: 20 Quarter hours
Major: General
Relevant Coursework, Licenses and Certifications:
Communications – 1 QTR
Sociology – 1 QTR
Psychology – 1 QTR

Holland High School, Holland, MI  United States
High School or equivalent 06/1981

Job Related Training:
Military Police Academy – Ft. McClellan AL – Jan Through March, 1981
Noncommissioned Officer Leadership Course – Aug – Sept, 1997
Military Criminal Investigation Academy – Ft. McClellan, AL – Aug through Dec, 1989
Detention Enforcement Academy, GLYNCO, GA – January 1994
Immigration Officer Basic Training Course, GLYNCO, GA – March 1996
The Reid Technique to Interviewing & Interrogation – May 
American Red Cross Instructor course – June 1997
Non-Deadly Force Instructor Course (Baton & Pepper Spray) – June 1998
Fugitive Operations Course, GLYNCO, GA – May 2000
Journey-Level Deportation Officer Course No. 035 – August 2001
Non-Deadly Force Instructor Re-Certification – June 2000
Non-Deadly Force Instructor Re-Certification – June 2002
Supervisor Leadership Training (SLT) – ICE – December 2006/Advanced SLT – June 2010
Background Investigator/Perspecta (Keypoint) – Background Investigator Certification – July through Aug. 2018

Language Skills: